Jeffrey Dulaney Bio
Jeffrey Dulaney Bio.
Lover of God / Programmer / Author / Coach

Jeffrey Dulaney was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on March 30, 1976. His parents tried to give him and his siblings everything they needed. However, his father left when Jeffrey was young. As a result, Jeffrey and his siblings were raised by their mother.

Jeffrey is the middle child, with an older brother and a younger sister. The family moved around a lot when Jeffrey was growing up. They eventually settled in Phoneix, Arizona. This was a big change from Michigan, but Jeffrey loved it.

I graduated from Dobson High School in June 1994 and subsequently took several jobs, mostly in the banking and finance industry. However, I quickly realized that this was not the right path for me. I have always loved computers, so I taught myself how to code in websites and software languages. Once I learned to code, I knew I had found my calling. So, after coding opened my mind, I began to learn about business and read many books at the Phoenix Public Library.

Jeffrey Dulaney is the founder and CEO of EactiveNet, Inc., which specializes in developing custom software services and products, mobile apps for Android & iOS, custom web development and SEO, as well as developing video games and custom animated videos for business. The company was built in 2005 but was not incorporated until 2/2007 in Delaware.

Jeffrey Dulaney is a highly skilled and talented individual who can provide innovative solutions to many problems. We are grateful for your support of Mr. Dulaney.


Jeffrey A. Dulaney EactiveNet, Inc. CEO

Quick About Me

Jeffrey Dulaney is a serial Entrepreneur who runs multiple companies and belives the simple but powerful statement "DO THE WORK". Read More Here